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How to Puppy - Sundays @ 1PM

Mar 13, 2022 – Mar 13, 2022

This is an open enrollment style puppy class that has one real life situation, two behaviors (like eye contact and sit).

Join us every week or as many classes as you can!
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Join us every Sunday (or as many Sundays as you can to help socialize your puppy)!

This class is for puppies who are 8 weeks through 5 months.

Each How to Puppy Session will have 1 real life scenario, 2 behaviors (like sit or down), and monitored playtime with ...

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ADULT 101 starts Sundays, March 13-May 15 (no classes Easter or Mother's Day)

$180 for a 7 week course

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Anna Mars
Certified AKC Evaluator

Dog training saved my life in 2016 and I have been in love ever since. That year, I had been struggling with anxiety and depression so badly that it came to a head. My doctor urged me to get a pet. "Not a cat or a hamster, but a dog." So I did.

To my delight, ...

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Fall semester is starting!!!! Book today to start this Saturday!

Group Classes are 7 weeks long: 1 people-only orientation week and 6 weeks of classes.

You can attend Orientation on:
Saturday 8-14-21 @ 10AM OR
Saturday 8-14-21 @ 11:30 AM

After Orientation, here are the class schedules:
10 AM S...

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I am incredibly blessed to be starting my journey as dog trainer on my own terms. I can't wait to interact with all the pet parents and dogs in the area that need me.

Contact me to sign up for group classes or in-home private training!

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a year ago
Anna exceeded our expectations in every way. From promptly returning initial call (cry for help) to setting an action plan specific to our dogs needs . In 6 weeks our little guy has learned proper manners , is building his confidence every single day and learning to trust us more and more every day. We are forever grateful for the training we have received!
- Tina S
a year ago
First class with Anna today. It went really well. The focus was kept narrow on the task of the day. This worked really well to get aquatinted with Anna’s training style. It was an appropriate size class with just enough other pets to be a minor distraction for conditioning. Looking forward to the rest of the sessions starting next week!
- Jason B
a year ago
Anna Mars provided so much insight into the theory of dog behavior and the ability to read the body language of my 8 month old pup. Its not just sit, down stay. Its about learning the techniques the owner must practice for success. She comes to your home where the training begins and works from there on what a new pup needs exposed to. I already see improvements in my pup's troublesome behaviors.
- Rita M


Getting a canine companion is becoming a regular milestone in peoples’ lives as they strike out on their own. Parenting our furry companions is a rewarding, but comprehensive task. By the time your puppy has reached 6 months, life long habits and tendencies are formed for the better or worse.

Creating clear boundaries and expectations will help fix and prevent most dog training issues. Dog training is a lifestyle that brings your home to a happy medium-- your dog’s needs are met while your own mental well-being is protected.

Mars Dog Training offers force free, positive reinforcement training that will improve your dog’s education, your dog’s wellbeing, and your own quality of life.

Be sure to fill out an interest form or call me and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

   mission statement
The mission of Mars Dog Training is to help you discover and expand your bond with your dog through science based training, guided hands-on practice, and an understanding of dog behavior to address problem behaviors to keep dogs with their families.

   science based training
Mars Dog Training uses the following training methods in a force free manner. Each training concept is defined and an example of how it would be used to help your dog is provided.

Positive Reinforcement - adding a reward when a behavior is performed to make it happen more often
  • My dog lays down next to my feet in the living room, so I calmly praise her and give her a tasty chew or treat for being calm.

Negative Punishment - removing a reward when a behavior is performed to make it happen less often
  • My dog jumps on my neighbor, so I ask my neighbor to ignore my dog (the neighbor’s attention is the reward)

Redirection - giving a dog an alternate activity to prevent bad habits from forming
  • My dog likes to chew on the remote. Every time I see him chew on the remote, I give him his bone. Eventually, he will just select the bone to chew on in place of the remote.

Counter-Conditioning - a process that changes the way the dog feels about a situation or item.
  • My dog growls and snaps when we try to groom him. We practice petting him and handling him

Desensitization - a process that lessens his reaction to a particular trigger
  • My dog is terrified of bikes and will throw his whole body to one side to try to escape his collar when a bike rides by. We work on slowly exposing him until he is no longer terrified of the bike. He still does not like them, but now he will walk past them with no problem.

Operant Conditioning - a learning process in which an animal associates a behavior with a consequence.
  • When my dog jumps on the trash bin, he can eat anything in there when it falls on the floor. He’s learned that jumping on the trash bin can end with food on the floor.

Classical Conditioning - a learning process in which an animal associates two stimuli
  • Even if my dog is very asleep, the moment he hears the click of the sound jar, he’s instantly awake and drooling.

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